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October 6, 2013

A new Australia coach?

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Is Australia another poor performance away from biting the bullet and getting a new coach?  Possibly. 

Its not guaranteed that a new coach would come in and do better … Holger is a middle of the road coach who got us to the World Cup. 

Anyways, I got to thinking what I would like to see from a new coach. 

Fullbacks.  Never again do I want to see a centre back or a midfielder / utility gamely try to “do a job” in a position they don’t regularly play.  While Rhys Williams can “do a job” out at right fb, I’d rather see Ivan Franjic out there.  Or Pedj Bojic.  I want to see fullbacks lining up at fullback.  Yes, the talent pool is thin on the left, but Josh Rose is worthy.  At a stretch Stefannutto could do a job for Oz in that spot.  Midfielders don’t really know what they are doing out there in the fullback spots, while centrebacks struggle with the more open space, extra speed of wide attackers, and don’t integrate with attacking movements.  Boo.  

A team with a plan.  There was a moment in the Brazil game when Holman went forward to harry a defender with the ball, realised that he was the only guy doing so, made a funny face and threw his hands in the air in disgust.  Recent games are full of moments when players aren’t on the same wavelength, nor singing from the same hymn sheet, nor marching to the same beat etc etc.  

No more nursing players through games.  If player X isn’t match fit, or is struggling with an injury, or isn’t getting game time with his club – they don’t play.  

One rule for all – Neill keeps getting picked while Kewell misses out on the squad … neither had a club at the time.  

Horses for courses.  I don’t really see Kennedy as someone who can run at defenders on the counter, nor hold up the ball while runnings stream through.  So what was he doing starting against Brazil when we sat so deep?  

Hmmm, ok, i want lots of things.  There will be a coach after Holger, probably not before the World Cup, but after the World Cup?  Definitely.   



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