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August 20, 2013

Who will hit the ground running

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A-league clubs are having very different pre-seasons.  SFC toured in Italy.  WSW have friendlies in Japan.  Glory went to South Africa and Malaysia.  Adelaide stayed home.  BR have games against state league sides, and then some A-league teams coming up?  Victory played Liverpool.

My gut feeling is that tonking state league teams isn’t the toughest preparation, and I expect the teams that have taken on tougher opposition to start well.  Hit the ground running, as they say.  But I really don’t know.  But what these different pre-seasons do is give us something to compare.  Which will be very interesting.  Maybe a side that stayed at home, got their setup right and tonked state league teams start well.  Maybe SFC rips it up after playing Italian sides?  Maybe everybody starts about the same and it doesn’t make any difference whether you stay at home or go tour.  Right now we just don’t know.

I think now clubs can see the value the right coach brings to performance.  Will we also see greater fine tuning of club pre-seasons?


August 14, 2013

random thoughts – Japan vs Uruguay

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  • The Samurai Blue’s mojo has gone walkabout.  Maybe it is out partying it up with the Blue Samurai’s swagger, focus, and sense of how they want to play?  All things missing from last night.
  • Honda might want to play as a #10/central attacking midfielder/in da hole person … but is that really best for the team?  Several times, just outside the box, Honda gets the ball.  Holds it up, draws a couple of defenders, and slides a short pass to a wider player.  This wider player has no angle to shoot and a packed middle.  The Uruaguay defense seemed quite comfortable with this scenario. 
  • Kagawa isn’t a wide player.  Play him central or find him a spot on the bench. 
  • Endo and Hasebe … Stalwarts who have done a good job for Japan over the years.  But this partnership feels dull.  IF there is a dynamic CM who can win the ball and join the attack at the right time, then that player and one of these two would be a good combo.  Yamaguchi came on and instantly hit a good switch out to the right, and I thought “gee, haven’t seen that from Hasebe/Endo in this game”.  Is Yamaguchi a good player?  Dunno, he also gave away some cheap possession too …
  • Interesting Yoshida getting yanked.  Unusual for a CB to get replaced.  Zacc losing patience with Yoshida? 
  • Should Zacc be under pressure?  Hmmm, dunno.  If there was a better coach out there, you could see a better performance from the team.  But what are the chances of finding one of those?  Zacc isn’t a bad coach imho.  But an average one.  Unless a Japanese coach comes along and really impresses in the next couple of years, progress is gonna depend on developing better players – across the park.   
  • Every national team fan wishes their country had someone like Suarez.  Talent wise at least. 

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