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July 26, 2013

Big visitors … next steps

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Fun times with the big visitors in town …

of the two, I think liverpool vs vic was my fave … the problem with an allstars is that there isn’t anything to get behind … who is gonna stand up and cheer for their all stars team?  their club team they will, but an all-stars?  no.  

Watched some of the friendlies in Japan, and was quite pleased to see most of the crowds at Urawa and Cerezo were home fans.  Which got me thinking … Dunno if they can do this, but next off season, if they could give first dibs to club members (from the participating a-league club), and active supporter groups, and have them in their own part of the ground … that would be pretty cool.  A chance to show off our fans, as well as our teams.  

And then have a second stage where club members from any of the clubs get second dibs on tickets, then it gets released public …

that would be a great way to promote memberships methinks.  And also give our home support a big promotion too.  

interesting that of previous visitors, juve got 40,000 in melbourne i think.  celtic got a decent crowd too.  boca juniors got 10,000 while fulham got 20,000?  its gotta be the right club.  hmmm, juve vs sfc might fill a big stadium in sydney … del piero vs his old team.  great storylines there …   not any old team is gonna fill a stadium.  would love to see prague bohemians 1905 visit.  after touring in the 20s, they took the kangaroo as their emblem.

not a stadium filler, but a welcome celebration of the game’s history in oz. 



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