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July 20, 2013

That was hard to watch …

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Well, I watched Aus vs Kor till bout 60 minutes … the dodgy stream i was using was pitiful. 

And the game itself was pretty painful to watch too.  I really thought an A-league / Asian roos might come out and make a good showing.  The league is improving.  Teams are working on their playing out, their press, their spacing … there is a lot of good stuff happening in the a-league. 

not sure i can really speak about the formations used.  everything was so fuzzy.  i would prefer to see Zadkovich not on the field, and Thwaite not at left FB, but tbh these feel like minor quibbles.  As a group, the roos couldn’t deal with the Korean press.  We know the Koreans shot at the keeper a lot, but it would be boorish to belittle their finishing when we don’t KNOW what the Aussie finishing even looks like. 

I think that is the toughest game out of the way.  I don’t expect Japan to press like that, it doesn’t fit the approach they have been using imho.  China?  Dunno, but a veteren team i hear.  I think Japan and China will let us play in a way that the Koreans didn’t.  Maybe …


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