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July 26, 2013

Big visitors … next steps

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Fun times with the big visitors in town …

of the two, I think liverpool vs vic was my fave … the problem with an allstars is that there isn’t anything to get behind … who is gonna stand up and cheer for their all stars team?  their club team they will, but an all-stars?  no.  

Watched some of the friendlies in Japan, and was quite pleased to see most of the crowds at Urawa and Cerezo were home fans.  Which got me thinking … Dunno if they can do this, but next off season, if they could give first dibs to club members (from the participating a-league club), and active supporter groups, and have them in their own part of the ground … that would be pretty cool.  A chance to show off our fans, as well as our teams.  

And then have a second stage where club members from any of the clubs get second dibs on tickets, then it gets released public …

that would be a great way to promote memberships methinks.  And also give our home support a big promotion too.  

interesting that of previous visitors, juve got 40,000 in melbourne i think.  celtic got a decent crowd too.  boca juniors got 10,000 while fulham got 20,000?  its gotta be the right club.  hmmm, juve vs sfc might fill a big stadium in sydney … del piero vs his old team.  great storylines there …   not any old team is gonna fill a stadium.  would love to see prague bohemians 1905 visit.  after touring in the 20s, they took the kangaroo as their emblem.

not a stadium filler, but a welcome celebration of the game’s history in oz. 



July 20, 2013

That was hard to watch …

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Well, I watched Aus vs Kor till bout 60 minutes … the dodgy stream i was using was pitiful. 

And the game itself was pretty painful to watch too.  I really thought an A-league / Asian roos might come out and make a good showing.  The league is improving.  Teams are working on their playing out, their press, their spacing … there is a lot of good stuff happening in the a-league. 

not sure i can really speak about the formations used.  everything was so fuzzy.  i would prefer to see Zadkovich not on the field, and Thwaite not at left FB, but tbh these feel like minor quibbles.  As a group, the roos couldn’t deal with the Korean press.  We know the Koreans shot at the keeper a lot, but it would be boorish to belittle their finishing when we don’t KNOW what the Aussie finishing even looks like. 

I think that is the toughest game out of the way.  I don’t expect Japan to press like that, it doesn’t fit the approach they have been using imho.  China?  Dunno, but a veteren team i hear.  I think Japan and China will let us play in a way that the Koreans didn’t.  Maybe …

July 4, 2013

All Stars?

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Best eligible domestic aussie players at EAFF, Del Piero and Ono not available …

even if they were available … mmmm, errrr, ummm … all stars?  no thanks. 

Even the idea of all stars feels a bit contrived.  it feels a bit … USA in the 70s, a bit of borrowing from basketball (no prob with them in bball, it has a history and context there).  My preferred alternative – one of the clubs.  The simple choice would be Champion versus big fancy foreign club.  But why not turn this into another thing to play for? 

Day 1 of the season, the right to play in the touring giant game would be held by the champion club.  Lets give it a trophy and title, i dunno, “the people’s shield”, and it can look like a silver toilet cleaning brush (to go along with the toilet cover).  If the champion wins, they hold the “shield”, but if they lose or draw, the “shield” goes to their opponent.  Bit rough to lose it with a draw?  Yeah, this is a trophy for the brave.  It is supposed to change hands.  Unless someone pulls a super invincibles and wins every regular season game.  And on it goes till the end o the regular season, when whoever holds it is the winner. and they play a game against big whacking euro club, organised and paid for by FFA.  held at one of the mega stadiums in sydney or melbourne.  and the club gets a decent cut of the revenue too. 

Never had an original idea in my head, and not gonna start now.  Originally saw this idea over at Rob Marrs’ “left back at the changing room”, he was discussing it in a British context – its an idea he got from Rugby.  

By the time we also get an FFA cup, that would be a lot of different prizes to aim for.  Some may see a problem there, but I don’t.    Even the “all stars” isn’t a problem per se; just this is the alternative that i would like to see.

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