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June 21, 2013

Holman’s choice

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Holman is going to the UAE.  A lot of people are thinking that he is taking the money, or taking the easy way out.  But i don’t think that is being fair on him.  Did he have other choices?  Oz players are not the flavour of the month.  Wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t have other clubs calling.  Or if they were, maybe the offers were less than half the UAE offer.  Money isn’t everything, but it is a very good indicator of a person’s value / priority to an employer.  2010 was Brett’s coming out party, and for a while, he was the man for the roos.  I dunno if it is skills or temperment, but he needs to play in the central attacking mid spot to produce.  recent attempts to play him at left attacking and right attacking were pretty awful.  And i don’t see the energy / workrate / run that he used to provide.  for a while he was that headless chook / energiser bunny maniac who everyone loved / hated who couldn’t hit the side of a barn / was the only guy who looked like they could make something happen.  polarising.  but i think that stage of his career is over.  a year on the bench at aston villa doesn’t help, but i think he is an old 29 years old (or however old he is).  he is now a more mature player, with all the good and bad connotations that has.  calmer.  was pleasantly surprised by his passing against jordan.  woulda loved to see him in the a-league next year, but maybe we’ll see him there sooner rather than later. 


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