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May 30, 2013

japan vs bulgaria – random thoughts

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I didn’t see too much to make in this game to make me quake with fear. 

Japan seems to be off the boil at the moment.  The friendly loss to Bulgaria follows the away loss to Jordan if I remember correctly.  Last night’s game … with the ball, Japan seemed were spaced out quite carefully, but it all seemed quite … static.  Every passing option was standing still.  This improved later, but even then, it was like the team wanted to see they would keep the ball before they got moving?  Without the ball, it seemed like they were happy to let Bulgaria have it for a bit, and wait for the ball to come back to them … nothing really concerted as far as pressure goes, more shepherds than muggers.  But they weren’t really good at that either … bit of an energy conservation kinda style … 

outside of the established players, Inui, wide attacker, looks like one who will put his hand up, but otherwise its all a bit non-descript.  Zac has a tendency to use old hands he knows.  that is a very old looking central midfield with endo and hasebe.  and guys like konno, komano and maeda are a bit workmanlike … kagawa is no gerrard – no dragging his team to victory or anything like that.  and the goalkeeper is more perfunctory than modern … not really into that fancy sweeperkeeper stuff.  or that don’t make basic stuff ups stuff. 

a good win against oz and all those complaints get swept aside though.  but nothing in last night’s practice game should make the socceroos feel scared.  the last oman vs oz game, that is the game that gives me the chills.  boom tish.   


May 3, 2013

It’s not fair …

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Asian teams have bigger budgets, better facilities and can buy better imports for their teams …


It isn’t fair.  How can an Aussie side do well in the ACL.  Nobody here will get interested cos we don’t have a chance.  It’s not fair. 


Boo hoo.  Hoo. 


All this talk about facilities, budgets and imports … it lets us ignore the quality of the opposition team as a whole (cos Asian players aren’t that good, they only win cos of their imports), the hard work it took to build up their club to have that kind of budget …

Where is the excitement about taking on new challenges, really knowing where we are at? 

Where is the desire to win this thing, and go to the Club World Championship? 

Oh, right, nobody has heard of these clubs, no-one cares, and they are richer and we can’t beat them. 

Real mature attitude.

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