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March 2, 2013

A game of drama, not of justice …

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Haven’t checked the comments pages on footy blogs this morning, but a couple of seasons back, some CCM supporters and neutrals would have been saying that they “deserved the win”.  Kept the ball better, created more scoring chances … just the footy gods got a bit mixed up and gave the win to an undeserving WSW.

But maybe we have moved on from that?  WSW came in with a plan, and executed it … their goal was quality.

In the game before, Brisbane looked like they were going to outplay Adelaide … to a draw, or to a loss after getting hit on the break against the run of play.  It actually felt quite strange when Brisbane did score …

And the subject line I made up there made me think of other instances where drama, not justice is served.

Australia’s smash n grab in Manama a couple of years back.  And that came after being thoroughly outplayed by a flying … Oman?  I forgot, whoever’s capital is Manama.

Or Luis Suarez deciding to hell with the consequences, and being an Auxilliary goalkeeper in the WC game against Ghana.  It was spotted, he was carded, a penalty was taken, a penalty was missed, and the game went to penalties, which Uruguay won.  Didn’t that make a lot of people angry : )

Rivaldo pretending he got hit by the ball in the face, not the leg, and his opponent was red carded.

Drama, not justice.

So I have mixed thoughts about the people who want more justice in soccer.  the desire for video tech is about more justice … the salary cap (in a way) is about more justice, the desire for the primacy of a premier, not champion is about more justice, the desire to penalise bus parking is about more justice …


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