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March 28, 2013

Refreshing like a sea breeze

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Brisbane beat Sydney.  Yay : )

And they looked very Brisbane-ish while doing it : )

It was so nice to watch this after seeing the dross that was served up on tuesday.  Maybe none of these players will go on to bigger things or star for the national team.  But seeing a guy like Bratten at the base of the midfield trio pulling strings, Lustica probing and controlling in tight areas, Nichols … ummm not sure, would actually prefer to see Mass on the pitch than Nichols tbh.  But if anyone says that the NT is only playing as well as they can, that we don’t have the players to play better than that.  They need to watch some A-league. 


March 26, 2013

saved by holman?

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And other random thoughts.

Does Holman’s strike balance out the whole lot of nothing he contributed prior to his goal?  Some will argue yes, but I would argue no.  I would rather see someone out there contributing in general play than see Holman out there.  Maybe if he had done more in general play than that long range strike would have been the icing on the cake rather than the goal that saved a point.

Holger is such a downer.  big tall players like cornthwaite and jedinak are needed to … gee, i dunno.  We are out to win the game, and Holland is your passing midfielder … Take Kruse off?  There is a much more cohesive Socceroos team that could be playing … with better touch and mobility.  Not a bunch of world beaters, but better than what we have seen recently.

March 12, 2013

More Sir …

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Barca vs Milan … that’s probably as good as it gets. 

Can we have a euro league already?

March 7, 2013

Making it in Europe is not getting any easier.

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The standard of play in the A-league is getting better.  While there are no new Harrys or Dukes around, there is a lot of youth contributing in the A-league, and the quality of each new batch is improving.  But we don’t have a big cohort of professionals playing regularly and playing well in Europe.  The problem is twofold.  Everyone else is improving.  Europe now looks at players from all over the place now.  But thinking about that first one, everyone else is improving.  Have a look at the In Bed With Maradonna Top 100 young players in the world.  That is a fantastic list.  El Shaawary from Milan, Eden Hazard and Oscar from Chelsea, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Sterling for the poms, Mario Gotze from Germany, Thiago Alcantero and Christian Tello from Barcelona, Victor Wanyama from Celtic … I dunno, I picked those names at random, guys I had heard of … guys with talent (well, the whole list of 100 has talent), who were contributing to their teams, some in the champs league, many in big four leagues … and all younger than 22.  The IBWM chose not to make space for Jack Wilshere, cos he was injured and there was other talent that deserved a place on the list.  Look at that list for a while.  Look at last year’s list.  Then think about a guy like Terry Antonis.  Or a Ben Halloran.  It’s a different level.  And there is so much competition to get to the top.  Even a mid-league team has little reason to bring in a 20 year old who is still learning to play when they could instead sign a 20 year old who can play right now.  Interestingly, they found space for Matt Ryan in the top 100.  Our sole rep.  Fingers crossed that his next move goes well.  A genuine modern style keeper who knows when to sweep, and has a knack for distribution.


Interestingly, there was only space on the list for one rep from Japan and South Korea each.

March 2, 2013

The FFA could quite easily knock this Prems or Champs are better debate on the head …

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By devaluing the prem’s plate.  Don’t present a plate to minor prem.  Don’t list it as an accomplishment in the official records.  Tell the AFC that our champion will be the main rep for the ACL, and the grand final loser will be the knockout game rep.  Dish out a media release saying that the Champs is more important. 

But why would they do that?  I figure, that they figure, that they’d rather have people talking about the A-league than not.  Why kill a conversation?  Its another thing for people to talk about.  It isn’t in their interest to settle this. 

And when an FFA cup comes along, what will that do to the discussion? 

A game of drama, not of justice …

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Haven’t checked the comments pages on footy blogs this morning, but a couple of seasons back, some CCM supporters and neutrals would have been saying that they “deserved the win”.  Kept the ball better, created more scoring chances … just the footy gods got a bit mixed up and gave the win to an undeserving WSW.

But maybe we have moved on from that?  WSW came in with a plan, and executed it … their goal was quality.

In the game before, Brisbane looked like they were going to outplay Adelaide … to a draw, or to a loss after getting hit on the break against the run of play.  It actually felt quite strange when Brisbane did score …

And the subject line I made up there made me think of other instances where drama, not justice is served.

Australia’s smash n grab in Manama a couple of years back.  And that came after being thoroughly outplayed by a flying … Oman?  I forgot, whoever’s capital is Manama.

Or Luis Suarez deciding to hell with the consequences, and being an Auxilliary goalkeeper in the WC game against Ghana.  It was spotted, he was carded, a penalty was taken, a penalty was missed, and the game went to penalties, which Uruguay won.  Didn’t that make a lot of people angry : )

Rivaldo pretending he got hit by the ball in the face, not the leg, and his opponent was red carded.

Drama, not justice.

So I have mixed thoughts about the people who want more justice in soccer.  the desire for video tech is about more justice … the salary cap (in a way) is about more justice, the desire for the primacy of a premier, not champion is about more justice, the desire to penalise bus parking is about more justice …

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