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February 25, 2013

FFA Cup – 2 attractions …

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Attraction # 1 – Chances for players and coaches to make a name for themselves by outperforming their “betters” from the a-league.  Matthew Leckie was in the vic state league before AU gave him a go.  A good cinderella run is a chance for players and coaches to get their names known.

Attraction #2 – Big vs Little has its place in football.  Football as a game allows for asymetrical approaches to the game.  Parking the bus is a legit option.  Ceding possession is a strategy.  20 shots on target can lead to no goals.  3 shots on target can lead to 1.  Wins can be lucky.  While a team may outperform overall, they can still end up on the losing side of the ledger … I would argue that Basketball, Aussie Rules and Rugby league require taking turns at scoring and don’t have the same opportunity to use a siege approach.  When a weaker team wins in these games, they have outperformed the stronger team is most facets of the game.  Ergo watching weak vs strong is more interesting in soccer than it is in basketball.  Yeah, yeah, IMHO etc etc. 

Attraction #3 – it brings all levels of the game together.  Yes, that is 3.


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