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January 31, 2013

one europe

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Craig Foster had a piece about oz players going to Asia instead of Europe …

but there isn’t a Monolithic entity called “Europe” which has 1 level of quality, and a corresponding “Asia” which has a lower level of quality.  Ryan McGowan was playing in Scotland for a mid level team.  And he’s gone to China.  Is that really such a step down?  Ben Holland plays in Austria.  Curtis Good plays in the English 4th tier.  Is that better than playing in China / Korea?  Mustafa Amini might get a crack at the Bundesliga 1 one day, but right now he is playing in the 4th level (or 3rd, i forget).

About the only guy who has made the Asia over Europe choice is Spiranovic.

If anything, we should be glad that Asia has opened more doors for Australian players.  More opportunities, more players to choose from.


January 25, 2013

Pailan Arrows – would like to see somebody take a similar approach over here

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Arthur Pappas – recently assistant coaching with the Jets is their coach.  The Arrows play in the Indian Football League in the first Div, and their charter is to foster young Indian talent.   The squad is all Indian and under 25 I think. 

I dunno, it would be a nice kind of plucky underdog to have in the A-league … I know CCM has been good with promoting young talent, and Melbourne has been with Ange … but Heart has gone more towards veterans recently, and so has Glory.  Even when Brisbane was playing well, and young players have come through there, a front four with no Aussies was pretty common. 

There are arguments for youngsters needing to earn there spots, and the benefits of playing with older pros, but if every team hires in a foreign striker, central playmaker and left back, then there won’t be any Aussies coming through in those positions.  Or, well, less. 

A second team for Brisbane with a similar mandate to the Arrows, please! 

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