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December 19, 2012

Mulvy’s chance

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I thought Rado was going to get some more time … but guess not.

The games against WSW and Melb Vic showed a team that had some talent, but isn’t on top of its game.

Chances are that Mulvey isn’t going to turn this team back into a contender … i mean a real contender.  Like AU, CCM and MV are.  But if he can get the group playing to its ability … that’d be something.  That is all fans can really ask for.

Crossing my fingers that Mulvey –

– gets Berisha to stay up near the CBs and provide a focal point for the attack … rather than running around midfield picking up yellows (if not, bench him)

– play Broich wide left (and if he doesn’t have his mojo, bench him)

– find playing time somehow for Bratten

– get the team playing more compact – especially against WSW they were really stretched out, the space between the front 3 and the CBs was huge

– get them focused

– More time for Do (he’s looked good when he has gotten time) and Donachie

– get more from Halloren – some of his decision making has been awful, same for some of the link up play between him and berisha

– Crazy talk time : ) ok, Franjic at CB, but have him play as a raiding/attacking CB : )


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