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December 19, 2012

Mulvy’s chance

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I thought Rado was going to get some more time … but guess not.

The games against WSW and Melb Vic showed a team that had some talent, but isn’t on top of its game.

Chances are that Mulvey isn’t going to turn this team back into a contender … i mean a real contender.  Like AU, CCM and MV are.  But if he can get the group playing to its ability … that’d be something.  That is all fans can really ask for.

Crossing my fingers that Mulvey –

– gets Berisha to stay up near the CBs and provide a focal point for the attack … rather than running around midfield picking up yellows (if not, bench him)

– play Broich wide left (and if he doesn’t have his mojo, bench him)

– find playing time somehow for Bratten

– get the team playing more compact – especially against WSW they were really stretched out, the space between the front 3 and the CBs was huge

– get them focused

– More time for Do (he’s looked good when he has gotten time) and Donachie

– get more from Halloren – some of his decision making has been awful, same for some of the link up play between him and berisha

– Crazy talk time : ) ok, Franjic at CB, but have him play as a raiding/attacking CB : )


December 4, 2012

Random thoughts from bris vs jets

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Besart in the penalty box = good.  Besart madly running around in midfield = bad.  A) he is a possible card waiting to happen running around there, b) horrible touch, with lots of misplaced passes, c) takes him away from what he is good at – smart runs into the box and shoot, d) if he is in midfield, then the team doesn’t have a focal point for the attack …

James Meyer – this is unfair probably, but he has flattered to deceive methinks.  Yes, injuries have held him back … but I thought he would be a starter now.  Excellent dribble control, good shot, no conscience when shooting … maybe he doesn’t turn right.  Maybe it isn’t his fault, but I just find him a very frustrating player.

Stretch, control, tire out opposition, run over the top of them – Brisbane can’t do that anymore … ok, they didn’t even do it that often over the last two seasons.  But when they did?  It was glorious.  Keeping the ball, probing, stretching the opposition, reserving energy while tiring out the opponent … scoring more goals while doing it, the opponent chasing shadows.  That was like a boa constrictor, slowly squeezing their prey to death.  It was, dare I say it … Spain like.  But that is gone.  The moment it went?  Maybe the ACL game at home against Tokyo FC.  They didn’t have the basic tools to pull off that approach against a stronger, more technical opponent, and when they realised that, the mental discipline went to play that approach went.    What we have now is a more open, stand toe to toe with the opponent and hope to beat them approach.  The days of Brisbane controlling opponents is gone : (

A middling season?  A loss on Saturday, and another couple in quick succession would have probably seen Rado getting his walking papers.  But three points were picked up, and the execution is delayed.  It is still a more talented team than some of the teams at the bottom of the ladder … but are they really gonna get wins against the top of the table?  There was a chance to make a point against CCM, and they didn’t.  A trip to the playoffs while CCM and Victory fight for trophies?

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