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November 28, 2012

A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush?

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Difficult choices for CCM coming up.  Rogic and Ryan’s contracts are up at the end of the season.  The choices are sell them now, or keep them and let them leave with no transfer fee at the end of the season.

Do you sell them now, and get a definite payout.  Which always helps keep a club in the black.  But would it be another season with a hot start, maybe even a premiership, but then a whimpering exit in the finals?  The club didn’t really deal that well with losing Simons and Griffiths last year.  Ibini came up short I think.  Musialak was with them last year, and wasn’t able to take the opportunity.  Would they have won a championship with the guys they sold?  Its hard to say.  Players get injured, players and teams lose form.  There isn’t a simple formula that keep those players = win championship.

By the same token, keeping Rogic and Ryan doesn’t equal a championship.  While the Roar have slipped, Adelaide and Perth are looking tough.  While Victory could end up being something quite special.  And in the same way that Rogic came along and made everyone forget Mustafa Amini, might someone else come along better than Rogic?  Possible.  Not probable.  But it sounds like there is some impressive talent waiting in the wings at CCM – Duke and Caceres.

Give yourself the best possible chance of being champion, or take the money?  Take the money is the safe bet.  And in a league that has seen how many teams fold?  Safe isn’t a bad idea.


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