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November 15, 2012

This probably isn’t how it will play out … That wasn’t how it played out

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Franjic and Smith put in a fair shift at CB … gee, i dunno.  That second ADP goal was like a hot knife slicing through butter.  I still think that is a tactical wrinkle that could really freak out opponents.  A CB with speed and dribbling skills going forward from deep, while a DM slots into the backline to provide cover while they are doing that.

Sometimes CB Micah Richards set up a genius type goal running at the defence and laying the ball on a platter for the scorer.


but a fan can dream, can’t they?

a centreback pairing of smith and franjic (with paartaluu) protecting them could be the new wrinkle that Brisbane needs to unsettle opponents, IF

Franjic is given licence to attack, with Erik slotting into the backline when Franjic carries the ball up.  A bit like what a Sergio Ramos can do for Madrid / Spain.

Of course, if he stays back and plays like a traditional centreback, then what do you have?  2 small centrebacks.  But if is given a licence to attack?

It probably won’t turn out like that … this is a team struggling to get focused, a team struggling with success, with the rejection of missing out on moves to Denmark or Asia …


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