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November 3, 2012

the wide grey line

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(not the thin blue one) …

when a player is fouled, sometimes the collision happens at speed, the contact is quite heavy and the player is knocked to the ground.  following this contact, they are heading for the ground, probably in a lot of pain … no decisions about what to do after the contact had to be made.

another situation.  the contact comes, and the player could try to stay on their feet, but chooses not to make the effort.  they have looked ahead and their is no advantage to doing so.  now, if they had tried to stay on their feet, they might still fall over.

another situation, the foul has come, the player has chosen to go to ground.  if they had tried to stay on their feet, they would have.

another situation, in the penalty box, the player has the ball, they pull the ball away, a defender sticks his leg out to prod a ball (which isn’t there any more), and the grateful attacker continues their current movement and runs into the defender’s leg while controlling the ball and falls over.

the first situation does not involve any choice.  but the next 3 involve the player falling over, or not trying their utmost to stay on their feet.  And are all accepted as part of the game.  perfectly legal.

then there is the dreaded simulation.  creating the impression that contact was made when it wasn’t.

falling over is part of the game.  you wouldn’t get very far as a professional if you didn’t know how and when to fall over.

watching a game and hearing the phrase “gone to ground too easily”, the attacking player has misread the challenge that was coming and fallen over when the ref thinks they should have stayed on their feet.

players fall over throughout games. when is falling over a dive, and when is it not?


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