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November 30, 2012

Growing pains

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Not every yoof player is gonna shine like Rogic and live happily ever after.  Saw the news that Dimi Petratos from SFC wasn’t happy, was being courted by a Malaysian team.  Maybe he doesn’t break through at SFC.  See similar problems coming up for guys like Bratten at Roar.  Time is ticking, if you aren’t playing, maybe you need to go somewhere where you will play.  Steven Lustica played well in the NYL for Gold Coast, but an A-league contract didn’t happen.  Now trying to establish himself as a starter in Croatia.  As the level of the A-league goes up, it’ll get harder to break into teams.  Guys will have some really hard choices about whether they can become an established starter in the a-league, or whether they need to go on a different journey as a pro.  I’d like to see more movement between state league and asia too – there is a guy who played state league in nsw who is now playing as a full time pro in india.  Tough choices there as a pro.


Use it or lose it

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So Ange is signing a kid from the Roar’s NYL team.  Good.  Kid wasn’t offered a senior contract by the Roar yet.  So he is fair game.  I’d like to see more movement of NYL players tbh. Your club sees the NYL players week in week out.  The kid already lives in your city.  Clubs should have to think whether they want to give another club the chance to sign their NYL player to a senior contract.  There are only so many senior contracts around, but clubs should feel pressure to find space for promising players.

What I’d like to see would be something like … Across the season, clubs get to work with these kids and have the opportunity to sign them up the next year to the senior squad.  At the end of the season, round up the cream of the NYL and run them through a combine style event (mixed up games, skills based drills) under the eyes of a-league coaches … and then they can sign with whoever wants to sign them.  The top NYL players should have a couple of clubs talking to them.

November 28, 2012

A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush?

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Difficult choices for CCM coming up.  Rogic and Ryan’s contracts are up at the end of the season.  The choices are sell them now, or keep them and let them leave with no transfer fee at the end of the season.

Do you sell them now, and get a definite payout.  Which always helps keep a club in the black.  But would it be another season with a hot start, maybe even a premiership, but then a whimpering exit in the finals?  The club didn’t really deal that well with losing Simons and Griffiths last year.  Ibini came up short I think.  Musialak was with them last year, and wasn’t able to take the opportunity.  Would they have won a championship with the guys they sold?  Its hard to say.  Players get injured, players and teams lose form.  There isn’t a simple formula that keep those players = win championship.

By the same token, keeping Rogic and Ryan doesn’t equal a championship.  While the Roar have slipped, Adelaide and Perth are looking tough.  While Victory could end up being something quite special.  And in the same way that Rogic came along and made everyone forget Mustafa Amini, might someone else come along better than Rogic?  Possible.  Not probable.  But it sounds like there is some impressive talent waiting in the wings at CCM – Duke and Caceres.

Give yourself the best possible chance of being champion, or take the money?  Take the money is the safe bet.  And in a league that has seen how many teams fold?  Safe isn’t a bad idea.

November 17, 2012

beckham in oz

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mixed feelings about this possibility …

whoever signs him for 10 days is getting a good player, is creating an amazing boost to ground attendances and media for the league while he is here, and might bag some extra points in the league (that could mean a premiership, a top 2 spot or something good like that).

but being here for 10 games, he isn’t gonna be around to help at the business end of the season.  And beckham, the player, is a hard worker with some talent, who made the most of his career and has been a part of teams that have won big.  But the circus that surrounds him – hey, why not sign Usain Bolt for 10 games?  Or Robbie Williams or Justin Bieber?  That’ll get media attention.  I start to picture a desperate sport that will do anything to pay the rent.

i guess i have mixed feelings about fairweather fans as well.

November 15, 2012

This probably isn’t how it will play out … That wasn’t how it played out

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Franjic and Smith put in a fair shift at CB … gee, i dunno.  That second ADP goal was like a hot knife slicing through butter.  I still think that is a tactical wrinkle that could really freak out opponents.  A CB with speed and dribbling skills going forward from deep, while a DM slots into the backline to provide cover while they are doing that.

Sometimes CB Micah Richards set up a genius type goal running at the defence and laying the ball on a platter for the scorer.


but a fan can dream, can’t they?

a centreback pairing of smith and franjic (with paartaluu) protecting them could be the new wrinkle that Brisbane needs to unsettle opponents, IF

Franjic is given licence to attack, with Erik slotting into the backline when Franjic carries the ball up.  A bit like what a Sergio Ramos can do for Madrid / Spain.

Of course, if he stays back and plays like a traditional centreback, then what do you have?  2 small centrebacks.  But if is given a licence to attack?

It probably won’t turn out like that … this is a team struggling to get focused, a team struggling with success, with the rejection of missing out on moves to Denmark or Asia …

November 10, 2012

soundbytes about the players lacking passion probably don’t help things rado …

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rado is in a similar situation to holger.  both have to show that they can put a focused group of players out on the pitch.  and the jury is out.

November 9, 2012

the crown is heavy …

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well, either the roar get it together … or they don’t.

Winning championships doesn’t get any easier … and several players are having trouble performing to the level they reached in the last 2 years … broich, paartaluu, nichols particularly.  franjic injured has been a big blow.

Rado hasn’t got them performing to the best of their ability, but I am unsure that Ange wouldn’t have run into the same troubles … his frustration during that ACL run was pretty easy to see.  The speed of thought and the touch needed to play the roar way at a higher speed isn’t there.  So what is next?

First is don’t panic : ) The competition has caught up, and roar is now a known quantity.  Second is … gee.  dunno.  don’t panic would be a good start though.

November 7, 2012

how close is aaron mooy to a socceroos call up?

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i thought he was already worth a spot in the squad.  one of the better players in WSW, one of the better central mids around the league at the moment.

receives the ball well, always plays heads up, always looks like he has more time than others, hard to dispossess.  good passing forward … i see a very bresc like central mid … with a big future and pretty nice present.

fair enough that he isn’t in the next squad … somone from the yung uns had to miss out.

Mooys challenge?  be the man for WSW and hands down be the best central mid in the a-league.  do that and a socceroos jersey awaits.


my 4-4-2 is your 4-2-3-1? 4 – 3 – 3 or 4 – 2 – 3 – 1?

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The beautiful game is now the numbers game.  behind the scenes, system has been king for a while.  but now it is seeping into the pop culture of the game.  foxsports commentator points out how far player x has run in the game?  shows you their heatmap?  or their pass map?  fans spend as much time talking about formation as player selection.

One of the bits of inverting the pyramid i took a lot from was a bit about differing interpretations about what a modern brazil nt side was doing.  europeans saw a 4 – 2 – 3 – 1.  brazillians saw a 4 – 4 – 2.  both interpretations are valid.  very rarely in the modern game does a two striker team use two strikers right up on the defenders shoulder, stretching the play.  the big un goes high and the little un plays behind.  but now that little one has to link in with the midfield, contribute with general play and work their socks off defensively.  that little un, is he an attacking midfielder who goes forward to help the forward, or is he a second striker who goes back to help the midfield?  you could interpret someone’s play as being either.   so sometimes oz’s formation will be referred to as a 4 – 4- 2, or someone else might call it a 4 – 2 – 3 – 1 …  what is that player in the middle of the 3 doing?  and just because you are playing one or the other doesn’t mean you are playing well.

to make sense of all this, some rely on the player’s usual role, or usual position.  fabregas playing for spain at the last euros?  well, he is a midfielder, and he is playing as a striker, so that means that spain is playing a false 9.  umm, no.  he didn’t drop deep, or look to draw the central defenders out of position.  he played high and made really good striker’s runs.  dude is multitalented enough to go out and play out of position as a striker and do it well.  better than a lot of strikers can.  nothing false about that.

so there is a bunch of stuff that is open to interpretation … but what isn’t open to interpretation?  how deep or high does a team like to defend, how compact or stretched out are the team vertically, are the “wide” midfielders out wide stretching the play or tucked in packing the middle (which then ties in to the full backs level of attacking responsibility).  is the team’s defensive play based on mugging and getting the ball back, or shepherding the other team to less dangerous positions.  is the striker playing high to stretch the playing area or are they contributing to the buildup, joining in with the midfield.

and none of this stuff is coverred by a bunch of numbers.

November 3, 2012

the wide grey line

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(not the thin blue one) …

when a player is fouled, sometimes the collision happens at speed, the contact is quite heavy and the player is knocked to the ground.  following this contact, they are heading for the ground, probably in a lot of pain … no decisions about what to do after the contact had to be made.

another situation.  the contact comes, and the player could try to stay on their feet, but chooses not to make the effort.  they have looked ahead and their is no advantage to doing so.  now, if they had tried to stay on their feet, they might still fall over.

another situation, the foul has come, the player has chosen to go to ground.  if they had tried to stay on their feet, they would have.

another situation, in the penalty box, the player has the ball, they pull the ball away, a defender sticks his leg out to prod a ball (which isn’t there any more), and the grateful attacker continues their current movement and runs into the defender’s leg while controlling the ball and falls over.

the first situation does not involve any choice.  but the next 3 involve the player falling over, or not trying their utmost to stay on their feet.  And are all accepted as part of the game.  perfectly legal.

then there is the dreaded simulation.  creating the impression that contact was made when it wasn’t.

falling over is part of the game.  you wouldn’t get very far as a professional if you didn’t know how and when to fall over.

watching a game and hearing the phrase “gone to ground too easily”, the attacking player has misread the challenge that was coming and fallen over when the ref thinks they should have stayed on their feet.

players fall over throughout games. when is falling over a dive, and when is it not?

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