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October 29, 2012

2 cheats walk into a bar …

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and one says to the other …

eh, i dunno, couldn’t think of a punchline.

but in the adelaide united game, 2 cheats did step onto the pitch though.  but only one of them seems to be copping any flak.

Ben Sigmund tried to cheat.  if he had got his sightlines right, and the ref didn’t see him grab at jeronimo, and he puts him off enough to stop a goal … then he is in the clear.  ben sigmund grabbed at jeronimo, and i am pretty sure that this is the game that doesnt have tackling in the ruleset.  jeronimo rolled around on the floor like he had been shot.

but everyone is talking about only one of these cheats.  it is inconsistent.  it is illogical.  two cheats strut their stuff, but only one is worth talking about.  why is that?


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