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October 25, 2012

lost ones

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The current plight of the socceroos, (even in winning, its a struggle) …

The demise of the golden generation, the lack of players getting time in the big leagues.  Or even Europe in general.

With such a small cohort of players to choose from, I figured it’d be fun to think of some of the guys who didn’t pan out.  Some of the guys hitting 30 now are becoming squad members, kennedy, macdonald, north, McKay, brosque.  but the guys 25 – 30, there is a big gap there.  okay valeri and jedinak, milligan, kilkenny … no, that doesn’t count.  those guys weren’t supposed to be on the periphery.

The trio – Sarkies, Patafta and Kilkenny.
back in the golden days of 2006, these three tagged along with the NT.  Aussie Guus highlighted them as players who were the future of the NT.  Patafta and Sarkies … nowhere near the NT, out of the a-league?  Kilkenny, peripheral.  a squad member who can do a job for the team, but a championship talent.

Wesolowski – supposed to be the guy to run the midfield … injuries cruelled his career

Musialak and Bridge – they just weren’t that good.

David Williams, Adrian Leijer – same vintage as milligan

Taj Minniecon.


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