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October 20, 2012

we have better footballers …

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in the a-league, than some of these guys running round in the Oz NT. 

That last game against Iraq gives a very interesting point of comparison. 

An opponent giving Oz more time and space on the ball than players get in the A-league.  

And that central midfield duo of valeri and jedinak aren’t the guys to unlock that kind of defence.  The are McFlynn like.  In a battle, in a reactive game against a superior, they will keep you competitive in a game (that you probably shouldn’t be).  But against an equal, or a weaker team.  They aren’t unlocking nothing. 

The Iraq goal.  When it happened and Neil was out of position and got no cover from the centre mids, I thought “Erik P would have gave him better protection than that”. 

So not only are J and V lacking as footballers, they are liabilities defensively when you have to try to win a game. 

Further up the pitch, we had the mess that was brosque, cahill and holman all getting in each others way.  Cahill at least had the sense to move out left later on.  but right now that is a mess.  kruse on the right did a good job and made space for his team mates, while the other 3 of the front 4 are just this big clutzy blob right now. 

An injection of A-league talent might be just what this NT needs.  The fullback and central midfield would definitely be better for it. 



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