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October 20, 2012

too busy

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some of these a-league jerseys are just way too busy.  i’d say sfc and mvfc are to of the worst offenders.  and the sad thing is they are so close to getting it right.

Sky blues.  your nickname is “the sky blues”, now go and get a set of Man City’s traditional home kit, and use that.  Simple.  Adidas stripe on the sleeve.  block of dark blue on the sides, with a block of white on the sides of the shorts … too much stuff going on.

Vic has more of the same.  that front V could be a genuinely unique footy jersey.  just get rid of the side blocks and the adidas strips on the sleeves.  make the  V using 3 stripes if you need to do that to make adidas happy.

Perth Glo’s strip is the same kinda mess

Jerseys I like?  WSW and MH, WP and NJ.  AU, CCM and Brisbane at least kinda make sense.

How about some people power.  Fan vote at the end of the season for next year’s kit.  Or make it member’s vote, then i might be interested in a membership.

haha, then the mob that we call democracy will probably choose kit that i like even less : )


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