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October 19, 2012

a roller coaster of emotions

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oz vs iraq

seeing the team kinda in control, but never really looking dangerous, a couple of good chances, and then going flat again.

and then when it seemed like the team had huffed and puffed, and not knocked the 3 little piggies house down.  they get hit on the counter.

they don’t give competition points for possession %s, or # of chances created.  putting the ball in the net more than the opponents.  and at the 70 min mark, Iraq lead where it mattered.  And it really looked like Oz didn’t have it in them to get a draw, let a lone win it.  Brazil started to look far away.

I’d been thinking about missing out on the WC, but this was the moment where I felt it.

But then we were winning, and all was right with the world.

I’d thought that Paartalu might be better than Jedi, but that Iraq goal makes me feel it quite strongly.

Erik protects his back 4 and slides back to CB in a way that Jedi doesn’t.  Neil was out of position, but when he needed Jedi to cover for him, he wasn’t there.

Has Neil reached the end?  Seemed like he was running as fast as he could to catch up to Iraq’s veterans.  IF he is continuing, needs a fast partner next to him (De Vere or Williams), and better cover from DM (Paartalu?).  Dunno, felt a bit sorry for him.

When I went to sleep, powderfinger’s “passenger” was playing in my head.  Holminho, Alex Brosque … where were you?  Not sure whether Holman and Cahil can play together well.  Both want the same space.  Telling that when the fightback started – Cahill was moving out to the left to make some space for the others and provide an outlet.  Working hard isn’t enough Alex.  Be the difference.  As someone who has played wide right, wide left, striker and midfield, Alex should be thinking and positioning himself to make things work, ala Cahill at the end.

And McKay is wasted at LB.


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