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October 12, 2012

Thoughts from France vs Japan – first half

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Damn.  I’ll start out with a spot of jealousy.

We play Scotland and Lebanon.  Japan plays France and Brazil.  Is this about the two NTs prestige, or is it about having deeper pockets to entice those big teams?

Good game.  France the stronger team, but Japan are keeping their defensive structure, and are having a go at France.  Both teams having periods of sustained control.

Not a Maeda fan, dunno, just not my type of player.  He isn’t here today.  But the forward who is here in his place, Havenaar … dunno.  Think I am over Havenaar now.    I had thought he had an Ibra kind of skill set.  Or even a bit of a Viduka skill set.  Or a less fantastical comparison, like our Babalj.  Use his length and strength to hold the ball up and pass off to runners.  But he doesn’t.  He’ll flick on with his head.  He’ll attack corners, and offer an aerial option in open play.  But hold up?  Why did I think he could do that?  He doesn’t.  On balance, Maeda will win his spot back post injury.  Note to self … tall does not equal “like ibra”.  tall just means tall.

Now, I think I would like to see Honda play up there.  Not necessarily the best use of him, but … unless Morimoto gets his career back on track, I can’t think who else I’d wanna see up there.

Nagatomo, one of my fave Japanese players, is struggling to impose himself offensively.  The action man who skins opposing wingers and fullbacks.  I ain’t seeing it today.  Now a veteran, does he still do that?  Is he working his way back from injury?  Is he out of form?

Good hit out for the team, playing without Honda.  Chance for the other players to assert themselves.


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