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October 6, 2012


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what i want to see in the a-league is teams going out and controlling matches.

control is a difficult thing to nail down.  its not possession.  you can control a game with possession or without it.

its a team going out there with a plan to maximise their chance of getting the 3 points and implementing it.

what i saw in the melbourne derby i watched on friday was a helter skelter arm wrestle which coulda been won by either team.  a kind of stand toe to toe slug it out battle where either team coulda won it.  felt the same about the japan vs iran qualifier that i saw a while back.

last year’s champs, brisbane … over time they became less interested in controlling  matches i think.  later there was more risk taking, less tiring the opponent out through stretching them, less patience.  i kinda wonder if ange could see the writing on the wall.  that he couldn’t shape the team the way he wanted.

controlling without the ball.  sure no reason why it can’t happen.  but your defensive shape has to stay solid, you have to let the opponent have the ball in the places where they aren’t dangerous … inter vs barca in that champos semi couple of years back.

control …


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