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October 5, 2012

5 imports a team …

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is a lot.  and with the talent that has been coming out of the youth league and the state leagues, do we need so many?

watching heart vs victory last night … and heart had a plodder out there running around in midfield … Gerhardt I think.  Is this guy better than Shroj?

at brisbane we might have a better team than what we had last year … but that might be a line up with the front 4 from overseas, and guys like fitzgerald, meyer, the greek kid? and visconte watching on from the sidelines.

on the other hand, those guys won’t be playing cos they aren’t better than the foreigners, its a cold cold world etc etc …

i have mixed feelings, but it doesn’t feel right.

import numbers are one part of the equation.  other important things are number of games.  36 game season please!  youth teams competing in state leagues in the off seasons?  or some kind of integration into state league structures.  and building relationships with other leagues in asia and europe.  guys that are kind of in that space between youth team and first team … why not send them somewhere to get game time, ala kofi in belgian league 2, or the thai league, or the indonesian league …

lot of things got to happen.


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