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October 29, 2012

2 cheats walk into a bar …

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and one says to the other …

eh, i dunno, couldn’t think of a punchline.

but in the adelaide united game, 2 cheats did step onto the pitch though.  but only one of them seems to be copping any flak.

Ben Sigmund tried to cheat.  if he had got his sightlines right, and the ref didn’t see him grab at jeronimo, and he puts him off enough to stop a goal … then he is in the clear.  ben sigmund grabbed at jeronimo, and i am pretty sure that this is the game that doesnt have tackling in the ruleset.  jeronimo rolled around on the floor like he had been shot.

but everyone is talking about only one of these cheats.  it is inconsistent.  it is illogical.  two cheats strut their stuff, but only one is worth talking about.  why is that?


October 28, 2012

WSW has an Aussie forward

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and he is mobile and gets in good positions, and can protect the ball, and can bring team mates into the play.

and he wouldn’t have been playing if the usual starter wasn’t injured.

how does any young aussie centreforward get a go if every team puts an import in that spot?  if every team has an import centre forward, import #10 and left back, how are we supposed to get any for the national team?


October 27, 2012

Rado’s challenge

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now i think about it, is the same as any coach’s

it isn’t to win every game.  it is to get his playing group playing to the best of their abilities, week in week out.

with the game that he had, should broich have gone to the showes early?  but even apart from this player should have played, or this guy should have got subbed … the group didn’t go out there focused and ready to do their best.

but even in saying that, well played WSW.

October 25, 2012

lost ones

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The current plight of the socceroos, (even in winning, its a struggle) …

The demise of the golden generation, the lack of players getting time in the big leagues.  Or even Europe in general.

With such a small cohort of players to choose from, I figured it’d be fun to think of some of the guys who didn’t pan out.  Some of the guys hitting 30 now are becoming squad members, kennedy, macdonald, north, McKay, brosque.  but the guys 25 – 30, there is a big gap there.  okay valeri and jedinak, milligan, kilkenny … no, that doesn’t count.  those guys weren’t supposed to be on the periphery.

The trio – Sarkies, Patafta and Kilkenny.
back in the golden days of 2006, these three tagged along with the NT.  Aussie Guus highlighted them as players who were the future of the NT.  Patafta and Sarkies … nowhere near the NT, out of the a-league?  Kilkenny, peripheral.  a squad member who can do a job for the team, but a championship talent.

Wesolowski – supposed to be the guy to run the midfield … injuries cruelled his career

Musialak and Bridge – they just weren’t that good.

David Williams, Adrian Leijer – same vintage as milligan

Taj Minniecon.

In the hunt …

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But not ahead of the pack.

A loss to the Glory, a lesson for the Victory, and a draw with Phoenix.  That start to the season points to a brisbane team that will be there or thereabouts at the business end of  the season.  And there is room for improvement.  But I don’t think this is the Juggernaut that scared everyone and earned that most unbeaten games in Aussie team sports history.  This is, one of several contenders.  That team, that was chasing that record, that was a scary team.  You could kinda see chasing the record weighing them down, but that was the team to beat.  It was them, and daylight second.

And then they got the record, Broich and Henrique got injured, CCM strengthened (before selling off important players), and the rest is history.

What kind of improvement is this Roar team capable of?  Will they end the season head and shoulders above the competition?  Is that possible anymore?  Guess we’ll find out over the next 25 something games.

A balanced league season …

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Why does a balanced league matter?  because the premier’s plate matters.  how much it matters is a matter for debate.  but is there anyone out there that doesn’t think a premier’s plate and a toilet seat is a better achievement than a toilet seat by itself?  and last season it went down to the wire … CCM won the plate.  they played the schedule they had in front of them and got the most points during the season.  fair play to them.  but each team had a different schedule.  3 games against each opponent, a home and away series, and a random set of home and away matches for the last 9 matches.  so a scheduling decision decides whether you play the jets twice at their stadium, or twice at yours.  etc.  no-one’s mad enough to go throug the schedules and calculate which teams have harder schedules.  at least, i am not.  but what we can safely say is that they aren’t the same.

9 opponents, 4 games against each opponent = 36 game season.

Playing each other 4 times is a lot.  And having to fit in around rugby league and rugby union (and the damage they do to the pitches) … bit of a squeeze that.  Bit of a jump too … 27 to 36 …

Hmmm, guess the solution is more teams.  15 teams = 28 game season

The candidates?  Gonna get a little crazy here, it hasn’t  worked before, but North Queensland Cowboys Sporting Club.

NQ loves rugby league.  Give them something to cheer, with the same colours, in the summer.  Get in tight with the deep pockets leagues club.  Maybe get the same corporate backing.  Its crazy like a fox this idea : )

Canberra should have got a Guernsey for this season as well as WSW.   Make it happen.

Woollongong?  Former NSL champs.  Must be some backing up there.

Brisbane Strikers / Brisbane South … they still have their fans up here.  Some of whom … gee, lets just say their fave team is whoever is playing the Roar.

I dunno, a second Adelaide team, second perth team?  An AIS/development team run out of Canberra with an upper age limit of 25?

South Melbourne – hated and reviled by some in internet land, but a lot of history there?  There is plenty of NSL dna in the a-league.  players, coaches, brisbane roar (lions), newcastle jets, adelaide united, perth glory, frank lowy … there isn’t an instant connection nsl = bad.

Darwin?  Tassie?

Maybe 2 in one year, 2 in the next, lucky last at the end of that?

The other thing about these would be, maybe they can’t be sustainable if they have the same salary cap and use the same stadia type as the current a-league teams.  So maybe Townsville has a team that costs the half the a-league average.  Maybe a second Brisbane team plays out of a revamped 15,000 seater on the south side …

The other thing that expansion teams deserve is some kind of expansion … draft.  not a draft, but the right to talk to and poach any player outside an existing club’s protected group of players – maybe that is 11 players, maybe 13.  doesn’t mean that the expansion team has to take the player.  doesn’t mean the player has to go.  but if you are an established first team player, and a team doesn’t put you on the protected list – you aren’t really feeling the love, are you.   Or if you are knocking on the door of the first team, and an expansion team comes along with flowers and the offer of a first team spot… time is ticking.  Chance to play big minutes.

This is what WSW needed.  not 6 foreign spots and mark bridge playing wide forward/wing : (.  Mooy and Luke Bratten running the middle of the park for WSW, that would have been something.

More opportunity for Aussie players, more rivalries … a balanced league (leaving no doubts about the premier’s plate) …

Good times ahead?

Bratten should go

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I thought Bratten had shown enough last season to earn time …

tidy on the ball, fast, accurate passes, looks to hide his passes …
we really don’t have many players like that doing the rounds.

But he is on the periphery again.  The a-league has kept improving, and there are younger players in the league earning significant playing time, and developing through it.

The idea that someone is still a young one at 22 or 23 and it is ok to be sitting on the bench … times have changed.  This idea that Aussies take longer to mature as players, ala Cahill and Neil … while they are “maturing”, teens from other countries are winning first team spots in europe.  winning them, and keeping them.  so when our guys are “ready” they are competing with established first teamers, who have more experience in their league, and are the same age or younger than them.  Which guy is a coach going to choose?

Europe calls young man!

October 20, 2012

we have better footballers …

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in the a-league, than some of these guys running round in the Oz NT. 

That last game against Iraq gives a very interesting point of comparison. 

An opponent giving Oz more time and space on the ball than players get in the A-league.  

And that central midfield duo of valeri and jedinak aren’t the guys to unlock that kind of defence.  The are McFlynn like.  In a battle, in a reactive game against a superior, they will keep you competitive in a game (that you probably shouldn’t be).  But against an equal, or a weaker team.  They aren’t unlocking nothing. 

The Iraq goal.  When it happened and Neil was out of position and got no cover from the centre mids, I thought “Erik P would have gave him better protection than that”. 

So not only are J and V lacking as footballers, they are liabilities defensively when you have to try to win a game. 

Further up the pitch, we had the mess that was brosque, cahill and holman all getting in each others way.  Cahill at least had the sense to move out left later on.  but right now that is a mess.  kruse on the right did a good job and made space for his team mates, while the other 3 of the front 4 are just this big clutzy blob right now. 

An injection of A-league talent might be just what this NT needs.  The fullback and central midfield would definitely be better for it. 


too busy

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some of these a-league jerseys are just way too busy.  i’d say sfc and mvfc are to of the worst offenders.  and the sad thing is they are so close to getting it right.

Sky blues.  your nickname is “the sky blues”, now go and get a set of Man City’s traditional home kit, and use that.  Simple.  Adidas stripe on the sleeve.  block of dark blue on the sides, with a block of white on the sides of the shorts … too much stuff going on.

Vic has more of the same.  that front V could be a genuinely unique footy jersey.  just get rid of the side blocks and the adidas strips on the sleeves.  make the  V using 3 stripes if you need to do that to make adidas happy.

Perth Glo’s strip is the same kinda mess

Jerseys I like?  WSW and MH, WP and NJ.  AU, CCM and Brisbane at least kinda make sense.

How about some people power.  Fan vote at the end of the season for next year’s kit.  Or make it member’s vote, then i might be interested in a membership.

haha, then the mob that we call democracy will probably choose kit that i like even less : )

October 19, 2012

a roller coaster of emotions

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oz vs iraq

seeing the team kinda in control, but never really looking dangerous, a couple of good chances, and then going flat again.

and then when it seemed like the team had huffed and puffed, and not knocked the 3 little piggies house down.  they get hit on the counter.

they don’t give competition points for possession %s, or # of chances created.  putting the ball in the net more than the opponents.  and at the 70 min mark, Iraq lead where it mattered.  And it really looked like Oz didn’t have it in them to get a draw, let a lone win it.  Brazil started to look far away.

I’d been thinking about missing out on the WC, but this was the moment where I felt it.

But then we were winning, and all was right with the world.

I’d thought that Paartalu might be better than Jedi, but that Iraq goal makes me feel it quite strongly.

Erik protects his back 4 and slides back to CB in a way that Jedi doesn’t.  Neil was out of position, but when he needed Jedi to cover for him, he wasn’t there.

Has Neil reached the end?  Seemed like he was running as fast as he could to catch up to Iraq’s veterans.  IF he is continuing, needs a fast partner next to him (De Vere or Williams), and better cover from DM (Paartalu?).  Dunno, felt a bit sorry for him.

When I went to sleep, powderfinger’s “passenger” was playing in my head.  Holminho, Alex Brosque … where were you?  Not sure whether Holman and Cahil can play together well.  Both want the same space.  Telling that when the fightback started – Cahill was moving out to the left to make some space for the others and provide an outlet.  Working hard isn’t enough Alex.  Be the difference.  As someone who has played wide right, wide left, striker and midfield, Alex should be thinking and positioning himself to make things work, ala Cahill at the end.

And McKay is wasted at LB.

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