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September 15, 2012

Evolutionary dead ends

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Got me hands on that 1st half of Aust vs Jordan.  Watched the first 20 mins, and I am thinking … “oh”.  Hmmm.  I was quite excited when i saw the fighting, primitive, get-it-forward, viking football that we played against Japan.

And what i see in this first 20 minutes of the Aust vs Jordan game … its the same approach.  Get the ball, get it forward.  Field position, not possession.  What was attractive in a rearguard action against a stronger team with one less player … doesn’t work too well in other settings.  An approach suited for not losing the game, isn’t going to help you win games.

Are the inmates running the asylum?  The players think they have found an approach that works, and are going with it.  Whether the coach wanted that approach or not.

Watching players give the ball away, seeing that long, stretched out team shape.  No pressing.  No desire to keep the ball.  No movement.

This should have been a line up that could keep the ball and have some offensive fluidity.  Bresc and McKay in the middle.  Holman, Brosque and Cahill ahead.  Yet even with that set of personnel, get it forward was the order of the day.  bresc and McKay got bypassed – so why have them in their.

If Holger wants to keep his job, maybe he needs to put out a team that will follow his instructions.  That would be a less experienced team.  A less talented team.  But what should you do when your most talented lineup doesn’t follow instructions?  Coaches don’t get to say “Gee, i dunno what those guys were doing out there.  Why did they lump it forward so often?”.


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