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September 12, 2012

A bad night at the office? Not enough talent?

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I haven’t seen the Aust vs Jordan game … so this is more about the media that followed than the game itself …

We lost.  Badly.  Some media will tell you that it is a team struggling to find its mojo.   A team that was outplayed, outhustled.  A team struggling to deal with the pressure of the situation.  A team that needs a talent infusion.  It is.  But I can’t shake the feeling that even the old, crocked workman like team that we have, that they can play better than this.  Or was it a team that didn’t do the little things right … positioning and movement to create passing options so you don’t have to blindly lump it forward.  Or was it a team with too many similar pieces in the same space … Holman, Cahill and Brosque all clogging up the middle … can Holman and Cahill flourish in the same line up?  I don’t think I have seen them play together well.

I still have high hopes for a central pairing of Bresc and McKay … Foster was saying that McKay isn’t a defensive mid.  What is he though?  Not a defensive mid.  Not a winger.  Not a No 10.



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