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September 11, 2012

Japan vs Iraq

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Watched 60 minutes of this before going to sleep.

Hmmm, Japan has a good group of players it can put out there … but I dunno if I like the direction they are going in.  There is no desire to keep possession.  this is a much more direct team than before.  Get it forward, not too careful about losing the ball.  There were some short stretches of incisive short passing, but for the most part this game was helter skelter … a mad cap high paced game where neither team kept the ball for that long.

Ok, keeping the ball and pressing high isn’t the only way to play.  What Inter did to Barca in their semi-final all those years ago is just as valid.  So, you don’t HAVE to keep the ball.  But, how many good opportunities did Japan generate?  How “in control” of the match were they?

Oh well, they can finish up the qualifiers thinking about how they want to play, rather than worrying about missing out on 3rd place.

I went to sleep at 60 min cos i wasn’t really feeling it, and i needed some shuteye before watching Aust vs Jordan.  Except I set my alarm , but didn’t turn it on.


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