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September 8, 2012

He did what?

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I have been hoping to see Matt McKay get a chance  in the middle of the park for the Socceroos, but never expected to see it happen.

Why?  Not because he is too small – he lined up in the middle for the Roar, but because Holger … well.

This is a guy who sent out a team with 5 centrebacks recently (the international with Spiranovic and North at centreback, Neil and Og at centreback, and Milligan at mid-field).  This is a guy who replaced Bresc with Milligan in the Japan game.  A guy who has preferred solidity over fluidity.  A guy who puts out teams that aren’t gonna get monstered, or overrun.

But that Jedinak / Valeri combo, yes, they can tackle, but they can’t pass.  They cough the ball up so often and invite more pressure on themselves.  How is that a safer option?

Anyways, back to McKay, a mobile midfielder who will roll his sleeves up, can dribble, can pass, and will break forward at the right moments.  He isn’t Bresc, not that polished, but that combo sounds pretty good.  Footballers in the middle of the park.  Thinking more about what your team can do to the opposition, not only about stopping what the other team can do to your team.


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