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September 15, 2012

Or it could be personnel?

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On that Oz team, in the first half of the Aust vs Jordan … there didn’t seem to be an organiser.  Not necessarily “the great charismatic leader” but someone who set a tone for team mates, took care of their own business but also organised those around them.

A coach on the field if you will.  Seems nobody on the field is talking about team shape, or movement, or anything like that … but I guess we don’t have a player like that?  If we do, probably they play in the a-league?

If nothing else, its pleasing to know that there are a couple of good A-league teams now.  Teams that play together, with a style, with a plan.  Victory of the collective etc etc.



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Does this Socceroos squad have similarities with the bunch that went into their first Asian cup strutting, saying we are going to win it but then flaming out?  The players are in control.

Could the Jordan game be the moment when they get pulled back into line.  Maybe, but I think it will take some message sackings …

Can Holger put out a team that will work hard, offer movement, show discipline, keep their shape.  Do what they are told?

Og and Neil cannot play higher up the pitch … either remodel the team to accept that, or replace with younger legs.  If Bresc can’t get through 90 minutes, that isn’t the answer is it.  Nobody on the pitch should be nursed through games.


Evolutionary dead ends

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Got me hands on that 1st half of Aust vs Jordan.  Watched the first 20 mins, and I am thinking … “oh”.  Hmmm.  I was quite excited when i saw the fighting, primitive, get-it-forward, viking football that we played against Japan.

And what i see in this first 20 minutes of the Aust vs Jordan game … its the same approach.  Get the ball, get it forward.  Field position, not possession.  What was attractive in a rearguard action against a stronger team with one less player … doesn’t work too well in other settings.  An approach suited for not losing the game, isn’t going to help you win games.

Are the inmates running the asylum?  The players think they have found an approach that works, and are going with it.  Whether the coach wanted that approach or not.

Watching players give the ball away, seeing that long, stretched out team shape.  No pressing.  No desire to keep the ball.  No movement.

This should have been a line up that could keep the ball and have some offensive fluidity.  Bresc and McKay in the middle.  Holman, Brosque and Cahill ahead.  Yet even with that set of personnel, get it forward was the order of the day.  bresc and McKay got bypassed – so why have them in their.

If Holger wants to keep his job, maybe he needs to put out a team that will follow his instructions.  That would be a less experienced team.  A less talented team.  But what should you do when your most talented lineup doesn’t follow instructions?  Coaches don’t get to say “Gee, i dunno what those guys were doing out there.  Why did they lump it forward so often?”.

September 12, 2012

A bad night at the office? Not enough talent?

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I haven’t seen the Aust vs Jordan game … so this is more about the media that followed than the game itself …

We lost.  Badly.  Some media will tell you that it is a team struggling to find its mojo.   A team that was outplayed, outhustled.  A team struggling to deal with the pressure of the situation.  A team that needs a talent infusion.  It is.  But I can’t shake the feeling that even the old, crocked workman like team that we have, that they can play better than this.  Or was it a team that didn’t do the little things right … positioning and movement to create passing options so you don’t have to blindly lump it forward.  Or was it a team with too many similar pieces in the same space … Holman, Cahill and Brosque all clogging up the middle … can Holman and Cahill flourish in the same line up?  I don’t think I have seen them play together well.

I still have high hopes for a central pairing of Bresc and McKay … Foster was saying that McKay isn’t a defensive mid.  What is he though?  Not a defensive mid.  Not a winger.  Not a No 10.


September 11, 2012

Japan vs Iraq

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Watched 60 minutes of this before going to sleep.

Hmmm, Japan has a good group of players it can put out there … but I dunno if I like the direction they are going in.  There is no desire to keep possession.  this is a much more direct team than before.  Get it forward, not too careful about losing the ball.  There were some short stretches of incisive short passing, but for the most part this game was helter skelter … a mad cap high paced game where neither team kept the ball for that long.

Ok, keeping the ball and pressing high isn’t the only way to play.  What Inter did to Barca in their semi-final all those years ago is just as valid.  So, you don’t HAVE to keep the ball.  But, how many good opportunities did Japan generate?  How “in control” of the match were they?

Oh well, they can finish up the qualifiers thinking about how they want to play, rather than worrying about missing out on 3rd place.

I went to sleep at 60 min cos i wasn’t really feeling it, and i needed some shuteye before watching Aust vs Jordan.  Except I set my alarm , but didn’t turn it on.

September 10, 2012

locking them in

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Not necessarily the best idea?  So Brisbane just resigned a stack of players …

While this gives stability and security, not sure that this approach is better than keeping the players moving through from youth ranks and the market.  There are pluses and minuses to letting a group grow old together.

Broich was best in the league, in an injury filled season where he struggled to get his mojo right.  Will he bounce back or have we seen his best?  Henrique looks old, injuries will do that to you.  stefanutto is fit as, but he is getting on.  Smith in 3 years time?

I’d like to see A-league clubs embracing their place in the world – Asia’s second tier, and produce players – while winning stuff.

Hmmm, if there was a choice – an all Oz Brisbane team comes 3rd, but a Bris that relied on their 5 imports won the league … which choice would i want as a fan?

September 8, 2012

He did what?

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I have been hoping to see Matt McKay get a chance  in the middle of the park for the Socceroos, but never expected to see it happen.

Why?  Not because he is too small – he lined up in the middle for the Roar, but because Holger … well.

This is a guy who sent out a team with 5 centrebacks recently (the international with Spiranovic and North at centreback, Neil and Og at centreback, and Milligan at mid-field).  This is a guy who replaced Bresc with Milligan in the Japan game.  A guy who has preferred solidity over fluidity.  A guy who puts out teams that aren’t gonna get monstered, or overrun.

But that Jedinak / Valeri combo, yes, they can tackle, but they can’t pass.  They cough the ball up so often and invite more pressure on themselves.  How is that a safer option?

Anyways, back to McKay, a mobile midfielder who will roll his sleeves up, can dribble, can pass, and will break forward at the right moments.  He isn’t Bresc, not that polished, but that combo sounds pretty good.  Footballers in the middle of the park.  Thinking more about what your team can do to the opposition, not only about stopping what the other team can do to your team.

September 7, 2012

A giant of the game …

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And a Serie A sub who got 5 goals in 28 appearances last year.  True, ADP isn’t just about goals, very versatile dude that does more than put it in the net.  He lost a lot of his playing time to Mirko Vucinic – a talent, maybe hasn’t fully realised his talent, but younger legs.

Looking forward to seeing a class act join the A-league, but not necessarily expecting him to be the best in the league.

Thanks for the publicity SFC, no guarantees that you will be the best team in the league.  Wouldn’t mind if it all comes together – most famous player, who is also the best player, on the best team.  Don’t mind if another team outshines SFC, or if another player outshines ADP.  Just start the season already!  And make a balanced home and away schedule!  And give me my knockout cup with state / territory champs included!

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