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August 24, 2012

The Victory of the Team over the Individual …

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At first I was gonna write “system” instead of “team”, but then I thought, why not team?

That is what we are seeing when we see a Spain succeed where a Brazil or Argentina fail.  Its about the team, working together as a whole.  The days of Roy dragging the Rovers to victory by sheer will may be over.  Same for his Scouse cousin Steven Gerrard.  The days of “put all your most talented attackers on the field and see what happens” being enough to win trophies may be over.

Yet we fans in Oz see a poor performance like Oz vs Scotland, and we hope a hero (or two or three) can be slotted into the team and improved team performance will follow.  If the team was performing at its optimum level, then yes, replacing Player A with more talented Player B would lead to improvement.  But if the team isn’t performing, then more talented Player B and their higher talent will probably be lost, swallowed by their teams overall lack of effectiveness/suckiness.

And our coach Holger seems to be a get the talent out on the field and see what happens guy.  That Matt Spiro at left back experiment.  The continuing Rhys Williams at RB experiment.  Matt McKay tucking in on the left of midfield … aaargh.  urrrrgh.  mmmmm.



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