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August 24, 2012

El Classico or El Old Couple?

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Started watching Barca vs Madrid yesterday morning, but didn’t really end up watching it. 

Yes, these are the two most talented teams in the world, with the two most talented attackers.  BUT.  They play each other so many times across a season.  And it is has had an ill spirited and nasty feel at times. 

They even play each other when they aren’t playing against each other.  Each La Liga game they play against Spanish also rans is really a game against the other Big Club tm in Spain.  A draw against an also ran is a loss in their competition to be the best Big Club tm in Spain.  Oh, and to win La Liga as well.  One of these two is going to win every game in the league soon, with an average of 4 goals against the also rans, and tough games against the other Big Club tm.  And it won’t feel special at all. 

When I started watching this game, I thought, “THIS is an argument in favour of a Euro superleague”.  With some kind of promotion/relegation system of course, but squads like this shouldn’t be playing against mere mortal teams (or each other) so often. 


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