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July 23, 2012

Asian exchange

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So there are 4? AFC players in the A league next season?

We can’t afford them.  True.  Are we also being overly picky?  I think so.  A starter in Japan, China or Korea will earn more at home than in the A-league. Ummm, also the middle east, Vietnam and Thailand.  And there is that State league level guy making better than average a-leaguer money in India.

We can’t offer them a better preparation for Europe than their home league.  A young player who is interested in Europe who is starting in Korea or Japan has a better learning environment at home than the A-league (given where young Japanese and Korean players are going to in Europe, and how much playing time they are getting there – I don’t think there is any argument about this).

What can we offer them?

Playing time.  Someone who is just on the fringe of first team action, but is getting on a bit (22, 23) and really needs to make something happen career wise.  Yes, 22 is now getting on a bit.  When 18 year olds are starting and being major players, not getting game time at 22 is a problem.

English language environment.  Someone who isn’t quite there, but wants to play in the UK.  They can come to a less demanding league than the Championship, be away from home (but half the distance), and live in an English speaking environment.  This one is a stretch – they can learn English with a tutor at home.

Australia.  Lots of Asian people look at Australia fondly.  Koalas, Uluru, Kangaroos, Blondes in really small bikinis – its a great place to visit.  Is there an Asian Broich out there? A top player looking to do something different as a swan song?  Yasuhito Endo?  Come see the Koalas Yasu!


July 4, 2012

Go and play. Somewhere.

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Cool – saw a story over at auussie 442 … Adam Sarota would like to move to another club.  And go play football.  As opposed to not playing football.  Tommy Oar, Michael Zullo – maybe they should also go somewhere where they can get game time.

Anywhere.  Saw the story on Matthew Spiranovic being chased by a Qatari club.  And the accompanying “he’s a talent.  he’s got dreams of Europe” quotes about him … and I just thought … eh, go somewhere where you will play.  Qatar, the A-league, Croatia, the 2nd div in Germany.  Wherever.  Way too many Aussie pros sitting on benches.

He is 24.  Not a “talented youngster” or “young prodigy” anymore.  Chances are that he is what he is.  Maybe watching a teenager, you might wonder how they will develop, but a 24 year old?  Not much room for improvement there.

Same goes for Troisi.

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