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June 28, 2012

Watching Spain …

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Thinking about Brisbane.  Over Ange P’s reign in Brisbane, a couple of themes emerged.  Fitness, short passing, creating lots of chances, playing a high line.  But the most important thing was control.  Control of the game. 

Of the opponent.  Keeping the ball.  Stretching the opponent’s defence.  Probing.  Getting the ball back quickly.  Tiring the opposition out.  Leaving them without enough possession to attack.  Leaving them with so little possession that when they did get the ball, they rushed it and missed their opportunities.  But I think that Brisbane flirted with control, but ultimately gave up on it. 

The patience and mental strength needed to control games isn’t there.  In the ACL campaign, what worked against A-league opponents didn’t work against more technical, faster opponents.  In winning the championship last year, Brisbane was a team that would trade blows with an opponent, and come out on top.  That isn’t control – not the way Spain does it.  The grand final finished with Brisbane as best in the A-league.  No mean feat. 

But if Brisbane had stayed with control, they wouldn’t have just been the best team.  They would have been a class above. 

Maybe the above is all wrong, maybe Rado will surprise everyone with next year’s team.  We’ll see. 


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