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June 25, 2012


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Two banks of four : )When I was looking at the updates to England vs Italy, I kept on seeing TBOF but didn’t know what it meant : )

gonna sit down and watch the highlights.  Something about the updates got me to thinking.

Could someone win using a defensive, counter based 442 – two banks of four – get it forward really quick and put the ball in the net?

Why not.  If their defensive organisation was good enough, and the attackers were fast enough, and the attackers were able to put the ball in the net.  More than the other team.  Then yes.

Am I Saul on the road to Damascus or something similar?  I still enjoy watching Spain etc, and can see how effective that style is.  But I also thought I saw something in that last Aust vs Japan match, something different from Australia.  Something that suited us.  Get it forward, at speed.  Get at em.

Seeing an article on the Guardian claiming that England’s possession stats meant they didn’t win … very poor logic there I thought.  What if they had had the ball more?  With the way they used it, would they have done any better?  I argue no.  What percentage of possession you have may not matter.  What have you done with the ball when you had it?  That matters.

Spain versus Portugal should be very very interesting.  Could Portugal be that mythical team that doesn’t want the ball much, but knows what to do with it when they get it?


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