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June 20, 2012

Its a knockout

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I like it – 1st and 2nd get a week’s rest, then into the fray against whoever won the first week knockouts. 

Shorter finals, knockout football.  Sounds good to me.

Some may worry that 1st place doesn’t get the advantages they do currently. 

A league leading side leads the league all season, and the best football in the league, and then gets knocked out at the first hurdle. What if the Champion ends up being a bunch of chancers who get two lucky calls across two games? Life will go on. 

It is great when there is a clear best team in a season.  But some seasons are … muddled.  Like last year.  Central Coast won the league but ran out of gas in the finals – maybe two of their best players leaving mid year had something to do with it?  Brisbane came good at the end, but not quick enough to earn another double.  Not quite as good as the double team?  Perth fans will still be thinking they might have got lucky if that GF had gone to extra time, man down or not. 

Hmmm, if this frees up some time needed to give us a balanced league (one game against each opponent at home and away), then I will be a happy camper.  Throw in an FFA cup including the state champions and we are set  ; ) 


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