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June 6, 2012

Playing for sheep stations …

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At least, the socceroos are.  Get the job done (beat everyone at home, draw on the road) and we go to Brazil.  Don’t?  Everyone can start thinking about which other team to support at the next WC.  

One of my big hopes for the future is a larger pool of potential NT players, with competition for each place in the team.  Between players who regularly play for their clubs.  And we don’t have that yet. On the bright side – with the current rate of development of the A-League, we have players in the league NOW who can contribute to the national team.  Kewell, Emerton, Thompson.  Carle, Marrone, Rose and Paartalu could also step in.  

Spiranovic, out of favour at his club.  Starting for the NT.  I am a fan of his, but he needs to get his club situation sorted.  Og monster may be a better partner for Neill (if we are stuck with “Neill must play”). 

Jade North is playing for his club – who are getting hammered and may be the fastest team relegated in Japan for quite some time.  At centre back.  And he is playing RB for the Socceroos.  If he is gonna play, play him at centre back, because he isn’t a fully developed right back, he struggles against wide players defensively and struggles to contribute to the attack. 

Oh well, it will be nailbiting stuff whatever happens. 


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