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May 18, 2012

Paul Sheehan’s article … Football (soccer’s) fatal flaw?

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I don’t mind if someone doesn’t like soccer.  I don’t particularly like slow paced italian period dramas.  The world keeps turning whether Paul Sheehan likes soccer or not.  Ditto me and italian period dramas.

One thing I found interesting in his article, that soccer is flawed as the less talented can beat more talented on any given day.  Bayern beating Real, Chelsea beating Barca.  Greece beating the rest of Europe.

Can the less talented beat their betters?  Yes, fair to say that it is commonly accepted.  Why?  Some thoughts on that.  In basketball, for a bad team to beat a good team, they have to better them offensively and defensively.  Both teams take turns on offense and defence.  Both teams are playing the same game, the same way.  Any game where the systems of the game require teams to take turns defending and attacking, both teams end up playing the same game, the same way.  Rugby league?  Get your six tackles, kick it to the other team.  Defense is draining, you need time with the ball.  Two teams playing the same game, in the same way.  Soccer?  The systems of the game do not require teams to “take turns” – two teams can play the same game, in very different ways.  You don’t even have to play to win, a draw can be a perfectly valid goal.  There is no requirement to take turns in attack.  You CAN stay in your shell … and win.  Can a basketball team stay in its shell?  Don’t think so.

Is this a bad thing?  Don’t think the fans of Chelsea and Bayern Munich will be complaining about it.  Even the fans of Real Madrid and Barcelona won’t be.  Being “better” isn’t enough, a certain sharpness, a level of execution is required to turn dominance into a win. A team that takes more shots and has more possession but doesn’t turn that into goals doesn’t deserve any more than what they get.  They lack something.  Like a blunt knife.  Brisbane.

Is soccer perfect?  No.  Its global popularity is as much an accident of history as anything else.  (ok, not requiring expensive equipment and not needing to be built like a monster or an adonis help).


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