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April 19, 2012

The best team …

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Doesn’t always win.

Wish I had been able to see the Chelsea vs Barcelona game yesterday … was following the scores on the Guardian update page.

But even that got me thinking about the game of football.  With discipline, a less talented team can beat a more talented one.  Is it fair to call Chelsea a less talented team?  One of the larger English clubs, rich, talents like Drogba on the books.  Or are they just a different type of team?  Different strengths.  Hmmm, gut instinct is less talented.

Soccer isn’t always about the meeting of equals. Okay boyos, lets have at it and work out which one of us two is the best in this town.  Nah, many times it is more like this.  Yeah, you might be better than us, but we aren’t gonna make it easy for you to get this win.

Perth could get the win this sunday.  They have worked out a hard to beat system, have experience and talent in key spots.  If they do win, good on em.  They will have followed their game plan and made the most of their chances.  Win the championship game and you are the champions.  For some that is the strength of the championship system, for others it is a weakness.

Whatever happens on sunday, this has been a muddled season with no clear standout.  Which is probably pretty standard.  CCM have the premiership.  Pity about losing Simons, Griffiths and their mojo along the way.  Brisbane could be Champion, but that middle of the season without Broich was pretty awful, McKay wasn’t replaced adequately.  If they win, there will also be a feeling of “well, they were supposed to, weren’t they?”.  Perth could be Champion, I think they will have to use a similar mentality to Chelsea in the Barca game, defend defend defend, hit on the break.  Effective, but not particularly glorious.   A muddled season methinks.


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