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April 17, 2012

Diving defence

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In the past I have defended diving. Still do.

But this time I am looking at this from another angle.  Was at Brisbane vs Ulsan, and Ulsan were great Pantomime villains.  I booed them with glee.

What do you do when a smaller team is falling over like that?  At the most basic level, you stay focused on your game plan and score more goals than them.  But there are a couple of additional things that can be done.  Realise that the diving is coming, and understand the kind of challenges that are acceptable (by big bad aussies) in the ACL.  Don’t arc up at the ref or the opponents.  You want to show him that your team is the reasonable one that wants to get on and play the game.  Make the most of their fouls – no need to be stoic about having chunks taken out of your ankles.

And the biggest one.  Play to the refs whistle.  Forget about the kicking out convention.  One of their players is writhing on the floor, but the whistle hasn’t been blown yet.  Keep playing.  That really gets on opponent’s nerves.  Gives them the shits.  Also gives them a what if to think about.  What if they are on the ground, and they don’t get the whistle, and we score a goal?  What is the ref gonna think if he sees a guy go down theatrically, and then get up a split second later and run around like nothing happened?

So the short answer is 1) play your game, 2) manage / manipulate the relationship with the ref (hey, the opponents are too) and 3) mess with their heads and play on.


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