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April 13, 2012

what comes next …

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So, another enthralling 2 legged tie between Brisbane and Central Coast.  Again.  And Brisbane won.  Again.

But for some, the legitimacy of that win is lessened by some of the referee’s decisions.

Nichol’s interference on the first goal of the second leg.  Not calling handball on Henrique in the penalty box.  Thierry Henry handballing in the lead up to France’s goal.

Oh, the last one was from a different game.

So if those calls had been called correctly.  Then the game would have been different.  How would the game have been different?  Noone knows.  Possibly the only thing that can be stated with certainty is that the game would have played out differently.  Take those moments out and the game would have played out the same way?  Just without those errors?  Impossible.

Central Coast may have come out on top, but then who is to say that with the way Brisbane was playing, a correct call would only have delayed the Brisbane goal?  What we do know is how players reacted to the challenge that is in front of them.  And in the play around the 2 CCM goals, the Mariners were awesome.  Surging forward, working in packs.  You wouldn’t have bet against them getting 4 goals with the mood they were in during that period.  But they didn’t.  It always looked like they would need more than 2 goals.  They were 2 goals down from the first leg and chasing the game; at least 1 brisbane goal was likely in that context.  They got 2 goals.

Referee’s errors are part of the game, and in focusing on them over what the players did on the field ignores the players ability to get take control of their own destiny.  Fair or not, the Mariners had 90 minutes to get 4 goals, and they didn’t.  That they looked like doing it is a credit to their ability.  That they didn’t is a credit to Brisbane’s.



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