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April 24, 2012

The beginning of the end?

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Not Ange going.  It may have been the beginning of the end anyways, whether Ange stayed or not.

Brisbane spent a lot of time in the Grand Final not looking like Brisbane.  Same goes in the ACL.  Even when they looked good, they didn’t look like Brisbane.

The movement and passing that starves the opponent of possession, tires the opponent out and creates RIDICULOUS amounts of very good scoring chances just wasn’t there.  In its stead was a team that will trade blows with an opponent and probably come out on top.

A good team.  Good enough to be champion.  But not a dominating team. The season ended with Brisbane the heavyweight boxer who had traded blows with their opponent and come out on top.  Not a Boa constrictor that strangled the opponent to death.  And then ate them.

Similarities between the GF and the 3 –  3 draw that Ange slammed as cowardly?  Both times Brisbane players had trouble doing the simple things well.  A stray pass here.  An fumbled touch there.  Both times players lost patience and went away from “the plan” and took higher risk options hopefully, gave up the ball, rather than building the pressure on the opponent.

Yes, Ange is going home.  Yes, he is getting bags full of $.  But could it be that he is also heading off into the sunset because he couldn’t quite get into the playing groups heads’ the way he wanted?  Because by the time he got to the end of season two, he only had the best team rather than a team that was on another level?

This season the Roar had a big target on their backs, other teams had plans for how to deal with them.  Good plans.  They didn’t have the technical ability to do to ACL teams what they could do against A-League opponents.

But what was missing was the mentality.  He might have ended the season with the champion team, but he didn’t end up with the team he was trying to make. I think he might have accepted the players not being good enough if he had complete buy in.  If they had stuck with the plan.

Is Ange heading south privately feeling that he couldn’t get the Roar to the level he wanted?  That the season was a failure?


Thank Snod for video replays

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We have all had a chance to watch numerous replays of multiple angles of the grand final winning penalty.  Calm, rational discussion followed, and we all agree on what happened.

Whats that?  We don’t all agree on what happened?  The discussion around this has been as calm and rational as a piranha feeding?

Hmmm, that wasn’t supposed to happen.

So video replay hasn’t cleared that up.

April 22, 2012

We are the champions,

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A grand final win is something to be cherished.  First team to win back to back.   Back to back wins hasn’t happened before, because it is hard.  Bloody hard to do.  No guarantees you will still be in the running next year.  Gotta appreciate it.


April 19, 2012

The best team …

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Doesn’t always win.

Wish I had been able to see the Chelsea vs Barcelona game yesterday … was following the scores on the Guardian update page.

But even that got me thinking about the game of football.  With discipline, a less talented team can beat a more talented one.  Is it fair to call Chelsea a less talented team?  One of the larger English clubs, rich, talents like Drogba on the books.  Or are they just a different type of team?  Different strengths.  Hmmm, gut instinct is less talented.

Soccer isn’t always about the meeting of equals. Okay boyos, lets have at it and work out which one of us two is the best in this town.  Nah, many times it is more like this.  Yeah, you might be better than us, but we aren’t gonna make it easy for you to get this win.

Perth could get the win this sunday.  They have worked out a hard to beat system, have experience and talent in key spots.  If they do win, good on em.  They will have followed their game plan and made the most of their chances.  Win the championship game and you are the champions.  For some that is the strength of the championship system, for others it is a weakness.

Whatever happens on sunday, this has been a muddled season with no clear standout.  Which is probably pretty standard.  CCM have the premiership.  Pity about losing Simons, Griffiths and their mojo along the way.  Brisbane could be Champion, but that middle of the season without Broich was pretty awful, McKay wasn’t replaced adequately.  If they win, there will also be a feeling of “well, they were supposed to, weren’t they?”.  Perth could be Champion, I think they will have to use a similar mentality to Chelsea in the Barca game, defend defend defend, hit on the break.  Effective, but not particularly glorious.   A muddled season methinks.

April 17, 2012

Diving defence

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In the past I have defended diving. Still do.

But this time I am looking at this from another angle.  Was at Brisbane vs Ulsan, and Ulsan were great Pantomime villains.  I booed them with glee.

What do you do when a smaller team is falling over like that?  At the most basic level, you stay focused on your game plan and score more goals than them.  But there are a couple of additional things that can be done.  Realise that the diving is coming, and understand the kind of challenges that are acceptable (by big bad aussies) in the ACL.  Don’t arc up at the ref or the opponents.  You want to show him that your team is the reasonable one that wants to get on and play the game.  Make the most of their fouls – no need to be stoic about having chunks taken out of your ankles.

And the biggest one.  Play to the refs whistle.  Forget about the kicking out convention.  One of their players is writhing on the floor, but the whistle hasn’t been blown yet.  Keep playing.  That really gets on opponent’s nerves.  Gives them the shits.  Also gives them a what if to think about.  What if they are on the ground, and they don’t get the whistle, and we score a goal?  What is the ref gonna think if he sees a guy go down theatrically, and then get up a split second later and run around like nothing happened?

So the short answer is 1) play your game, 2) manage / manipulate the relationship with the ref (hey, the opponents are too) and 3) mess with their heads and play on.

April 13, 2012

what comes next …

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So, another enthralling 2 legged tie between Brisbane and Central Coast.  Again.  And Brisbane won.  Again.

But for some, the legitimacy of that win is lessened by some of the referee’s decisions.

Nichol’s interference on the first goal of the second leg.  Not calling handball on Henrique in the penalty box.  Thierry Henry handballing in the lead up to France’s goal.

Oh, the last one was from a different game.

So if those calls had been called correctly.  Then the game would have been different.  How would the game have been different?  Noone knows.  Possibly the only thing that can be stated with certainty is that the game would have played out differently.  Take those moments out and the game would have played out the same way?  Just without those errors?  Impossible.

Central Coast may have come out on top, but then who is to say that with the way Brisbane was playing, a correct call would only have delayed the Brisbane goal?  What we do know is how players reacted to the challenge that is in front of them.  And in the play around the 2 CCM goals, the Mariners were awesome.  Surging forward, working in packs.  You wouldn’t have bet against them getting 4 goals with the mood they were in during that period.  But they didn’t.  It always looked like they would need more than 2 goals.  They were 2 goals down from the first leg and chasing the game; at least 1 brisbane goal was likely in that context.  They got 2 goals.

Referee’s errors are part of the game, and in focusing on them over what the players did on the field ignores the players ability to get take control of their own destiny.  Fair or not, the Mariners had 90 minutes to get 4 goals, and they didn’t.  That they looked like doing it is a credit to their ability.  That they didn’t is a credit to Brisbane’s.


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