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March 8, 2012

A sliding scale …

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Brisbane were beaten by Tokyo FC 2 – 0.  Fact. 

Was it a hiccup?  Was it a thrashing?  A game they could have won? 

Depends who you ask.  It would be unfair to say they were completely outclassed.  I save that description for those footballing shellackings where the other team controls you from go to whoah, and you don’t create any meaningful attacks.  And that can happen even if the score is 1 – 0.  If the control is complete, 1 – 0 can be a flogging. 

There was a period in the second half when Brisbane did create good opportunities.  Did put Tokyo on the back foot.  But spending so much time defending; so many times when their (quite effective against A-league teams) press did not work, did not win them the ball back.  They were spent.  Tokyo ground Brisbane up, made them use all their energy and have nothing in the tank for the finish of the game.  The way Brisbane does to A-league opponents (when on song). 

I would call it a lesson though. 

Visconte didn’t do much with his time out there I thought.  And I am gradually losing interest in Meyer – he has not kicked on. 

Still think the team can go to the next round, and even beyond.  But that could just be a fan’s one eyed stupidity : )


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