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March 26, 2012

Congratulations to the Premiers

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My hopes that Wellington would get a draw, and the Roar would have a chance to win the Premiers plate came to naught.  Congratulations Mariners.

What value do fans (as a whole) put on the Premiers plate?  I am really not sure.  No value?  Hmmm, don’t think so.  More valuable than the Championship?  Haha, no.

What I think is happening is that winning the Prem gives you the chance to win the double.  If the Championship is an A, the double is an A+.

Or are there fans who think the double has no more value than just winning the Championship?  Hmmmmm.



March 11, 2012

The wobbles

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The two teams at first and second have the wobbles.  The things that were working at the start of the season … aren’t. 

If nothing else tis quite dramatic. 

March 10, 2012

Bielsa dreaming …

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When the Oz job came up, I was one of those curious about Bielsa as Oz coach. 

I kinda wish it had happened.  The team as it currently stands would not be able to play his style.  The energy, the work rate, the use of the press.  It would have been a different team. 

How hard is the current team able to work?  How good is the movement off the ball?  How high can it press, and for how long? Watch a Roar game after a Socceroos game and I know which team looks better at those tasks.

It is great that we are still in qualification (unlike the Saudis), but Neil’s automatic selection is starting to feel like a millstone around the teams neck.  He isn’t going to get any faster between now and Brazil. 

March 8, 2012

A sliding scale …

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Brisbane were beaten by Tokyo FC 2 – 0.  Fact. 

Was it a hiccup?  Was it a thrashing?  A game they could have won? 

Depends who you ask.  It would be unfair to say they were completely outclassed.  I save that description for those footballing shellackings where the other team controls you from go to whoah, and you don’t create any meaningful attacks.  And that can happen even if the score is 1 – 0.  If the control is complete, 1 – 0 can be a flogging. 

There was a period in the second half when Brisbane did create good opportunities.  Did put Tokyo on the back foot.  But spending so much time defending; so many times when their (quite effective against A-league teams) press did not work, did not win them the ball back.  They were spent.  Tokyo ground Brisbane up, made them use all their energy and have nothing in the tank for the finish of the game.  The way Brisbane does to A-league opponents (when on song). 

I would call it a lesson though. 

Visconte didn’t do much with his time out there I thought.  And I am gradually losing interest in Meyer – he has not kicked on. 

Still think the team can go to the next round, and even beyond.  But that could just be a fan’s one eyed stupidity : )

March 2, 2012

watching heart vs roar …

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and watching the understanding between team mates, the balanced teams (fullbacks!  on both squads), and legs fast enough to press and play up the pitch …

nah, won’t say it : )

March 1, 2012

sword or shield …

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was reading the abc website analysis of last nights game, and the team in general.

as usual, somethings i agreed with, somethings i didn’t – mckay at LB?  no thanks

but the thing i disliked the MOST was an analysis that a guy like bresc couldn’t play in the middle, as other teams will just go through us.  overrun us right down the middle.

No, no, no.  seeing mark get the ball, look up and play it forwards, or seeing him with back turned to the goal pass short and reposition his body to get the ball going forward.  how could you not want to see more of that after all those matches with jedinak and valeri in the middle?  looking up, seeing what is ahead, passing and moving forward to support the play.

even while feeling good about seeing the ball played forward from the middle of the park – it was a nagging worry … seeing a defensive line made up of centrebacks.  and the other central mid prefers to play centreback as well.  was that an attempt to offer bresc “protection”?  didn’t work too well.

but back to the abc analysis.  i didn’t like it – but were they wrong?  not sure.  would a pairing of bresc / mckay or bresc / cahill get their arses kicked?  even if they did get their arses kicked, would they offer more in total than the jedi/valeri combo?

look at some of the top defensive mids – and you have guys that are solid, while being excellent footballers as well.  sergio busquets.  sami khedira, seb schweinsteiger.  solid going forward.  solid defensively.

its like going into battle, and you can take one item, a sword or a shield.  you want to take both, right?  but in this crazy twisted dream, you can take one.  i dunno, you are one handed.  the other arm got chopped off in battle.  or something.

faced with that choice, i would take the sword.

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