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February 29, 2012

hmmm – australias lineup against saudi arabia – horses for courses?

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not. hmmm, saudi arabia eh.  hmmmm, we’ll need some big strong centrebacks to match them in the air.  hmmm, and maybe another centreback at left back.  quite powerful wingers too eh.  hmmm.

which opponent was this lineup “tailored” for? certainly not the opponent they faced on the pitch.  if neill must be on the pitch against an opponent like this, he needs to be paired with a faster pair of heels than sasha has got.  the saudis were fast, zippy, good with the ball at their feet.  i don’t remember any aerial contests at all.  sasha gives you what exactly against an opponent like that?

i remember reading tim vickery’s thoughts on attacking intent.  for on how much of it a coach wants on the park.  with brazil and their attacking fullbacks and their might-as-well-be-centrebacks-central-mids.  osieck picks bresciano in central midfield – yay!  but then he puts a centreback/utility next to him in central mid, and has a line of four centrebacks at the back.

so those overlapping fullback runs that had been such a big part of australia’s play recently?  i think north did one?

it was amazing seeing a footballer in the middle of the park for oz, with a mobile attack to boot.


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