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January 14, 2012

Bruce Djite has a long career as a pro ahead of him

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In the A league, maybe with stints in China / Korea.  Watching bits of the Adelaide Victory game friday night, I was struck by how not dangerous he is.  A workhorse, and physical maybe.  But there is no feeling of danger when he is on the ball.  I remember the high hopes a lot of people had for him in his first stint in Adelaide … but that potential that everyone wanted to see just hasn’t worked out.  Its also in the players who have moved past him.  I would say Simon and Ibini are move dangerous than Bruce.  And Babalj over at Heart is more dangerous and better at hold up play …

Would he compare well to Bullit in the Czeck republic?

But rather than Bruce not stepping up to his potential, I think it was more a case of fans wanting to see something that wasn’t there.  And there is a need for solid a-league pros; guys who will contribute over a period of time.  It isn’t all about finding the next Harry.


The scoreboard doesn’t lie …

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but what exactly does it say?  It says Brisbane scored 2 goals while Sydney scored 1.  Whether those goals come in the first minute or extra time doesn’t really matter to me.  It is all playing time.

What it doesn’t tell you is how well Brisbane played across the game … how many minutes of good football did they play last night?  My guess is less than a half.  What Brisbane is trying to do requires 90 minutes of concentration, and the team just isn’t bringing it at the moment.  Play the ball out of the opponent’s press (because opponents will press in spurts), and then when they stop pressing move the ball quickly and provide options off the ball.  The guys are giving up the ball against the press with misplaced passes, and the ball and people aren’t moving fast enough when the press stops.

Henrique seems good to go, sorry to say it Issey, but this guy is another level up.  Broich looked the more rustier of the two, but you could see some of what the team was missing when he was away.  Both guys make smart runs, can move with the ball at their feet with their heads up without losing possession.

January 4, 2012

Sunshine and happiness

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Is not the Brisbane Roar at the moment.

Last season’s team was a jubilent 4 year old, excitedly riding their bike with no trainers for the first time.

This season’s team is a sullen teenager – an emo playing in a brass band with a concert coming up that they hate practicing for.

Last night’s game – the Roar have played better and lost.  Throw ins demonstrated some of their problems at the moment … nobody was moving to create options for the throw ins.  It was like they expected it all to happen, without them doing anything.  While it was good to see the side score 3, they gave up on their passing game.  Gave up on imposing their game onto Glory.

Well played Glory.

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