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December 31, 2011

Relief …

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What a season.  Going into the match I was wondering when exactly Postecoglou’s job comes under threat?  Would it be 7 losses in a row?  9?

Once a team has lost its mojo that kind of run is possible.

Is everything sunny and fine now?  Probably not – this team is gonna have to struggle and claw to stay on top of things.  As long as they make mistakes like the pass that lead to Harry’s goal, or Theo’s pass to Amini.  Can they get rid of those brain farts?

Some interesting tweaks in the game plan.  They have played with 3 at the back before – but using a central midfield pair, and having them take turns going forward?  Asked a lot more of Paartalu attack wise.  That double pivot also took defensive / distribution responsibility off nichols.  The other change was Berisha dropping off the line to get involved … worked a treat that.

Everything is not sunny and fine – but those missing players hopefully will come back and find a more resillient supporting cast.  A supporting cast that have grown with the buffeting they have have taken over the last month.

Hope so.

ps.  Feels like a battle between Visconte, Issey and Danning as to who gets on the park.  Guessing Visconte gets the nod over Danning for general game sense?  Wasn’t sold on Visconte when he started getting game time, but can’t complain at all about his work last night.  Bratten growing with the game time.  Hmmm, is there some way to get Steffanuto, Franjic and Hingert on the field at the same time?


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