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December 17, 2011

4 losses

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Well played Central Coast.

Yup, 4 losses.  And this one started with a goal coming from a brainfart by Theo.  And the second goal came with a brain fart by Jurman (I could be wrong on the second – nobody tracked Bojic coming forward, but Jurman didn’t seem particularly aware of him as he was coming into his zone either).

Despite this, I feel quite positive and see Brisbane in the grand final again – possibly with a better team than last season’s.

There is a plan in place.  A way of playing, an identity.  Something worth sticking with I think.

Supporting players have gotten a taste of life without Broich / Henrique … some look stronger, some have lost their way.

Adnan is finding his feet very very well.  Wins everything in the air, comfortable on the ball, mobile for a tall CB, and such a sweet sweet passer of the ball.  If he could head goals he probably wouldn’t have spent his career at CB methinks …

Hingert looked very good out there.  Steffanuto has been such a stalwart for the side; but the team gained something with Hingert in his place.

Oh, I finally got what the fuss is about Bratten.  Never really saw it before, but now I think I get it.  He passes accurate, he passes with speed, he can disguise where a pass is going, and he passes forward.  Even his diagonal passes are slanted more forward.  He gives teammates something to run onto; he creates forward momentum with his passes.


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