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December 9, 2011

Last night’s loss

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I didn’t feel bad at the end of last night’s loss to the Heart.

Eventually the Roar did get up a head of steam, chances were made, chances were missed.  I find it much more frustrating when a team can’t create chances at all.  And I have watched plenty of football where teams have struggled to do that.

So now Brisbane has twice as many losses as last year.  But I think there could be opportunities for growth here.  This year’s team might lose more but in the end be a better team.

I think there is room for improvement in the team; and Ange seems the kind of guy who would keep on seeking that.  Teams are better prepared for the Brisbane approach – so the speed and the quality of passing and movement has to go up a notch.  How many times last night did a Brisbane player receive, turn and pass forward?  I think that is one of the toughest skills in the game. And putting the ball in the net is a skill.  Just like passing, and tackling, and dribbling.  Its not a lucky dip.  One of the guys who knows where the net is had a bad game (Issey), another played fairly deep and rarely got into those kinds of positions (Mitch), and the other was nowhere to be seen (Meyer).

No Broich, no Henrique – opportunities for the supporting cast to step up.

Starting to wonder if Massimmo has the personality to take on a bigger role with the team.  The skills are all there, but has he got the temperment to be a leader?

Next week is the CCM : )

Tasty : )


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